To the Future with Art and Healing.

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Celebration Workshops
Artists, Vendors and others that have something to contribute to the event: Contact me via e-mail

0r you can check out the

Celebration Forms

I look forward to having even more of a variety of things for our guests to enjoy.

Hope to see creative people from around the area to "Fall Into a Masterpiece".

     The philosophy behind “Celebration of the Arts & Soul” is to get the community involved.  Not only do the participants help support local charities, they also bring a wealth of information about:  Art, Music, Massage  Therapy , Handwriting Analysis & more. 

The Clay County Emergency Food Pantry supports over 300 families. The event is free , donations are appreciated.

They need toiletries, cleaning products, food, toys, clothhing blankets , dishes, and small appliances

Friday November 18th 6-9pm

Opening Night Reception.

Entertainment and plenty of wonderful handmade items and art pieces to find a gift for yourself or for someone that deserves something special.

Saturday November 19th 1-8 pm

"Fall Into A Masterpiece"

We want to get as many creative people of all ages together to “Fall Into A Masterpiece.”  On Saturday, we are asking artists and craftsman to bring materials and to make a new art piece.  Sign up for the free event starts at 1pm, after which participants can either stay in the Old Masonic Temple or go around town to get inspiration.  At 6:30 pm all participants will bring their work to the second floor of the Old Masonic Temple to demonstrate their impromptu creativity.


Sunday November 20th 1-6pm

2pm-Pet Massage -